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Sean Parker-backed app Airtime integrates Twitch

Airtime -- part social network, part texting, part videoconference -- now lets Twitch fans create rooms to watch video-game streams with a select group of friends

Airtime is adding support for Twitch video gaming streams.


Airtime, a live-chat social network app backed by Facebook investor Sean Parker, added Twitch to the list of media that users can share and watch together in virtual rooms.

The Airtime app combines aspects of a social network, texting and videoconferencing. Users create rooms and share them with specific friends, then post text messages, images, videos and music playlists. If somebody else is in the room at the same time you are, you can launch a video chat to talk to them face-to-face.

Twitch, in its own interface, has a live text chat that allows all viewers of a live stream to talk among themselves and to communicate with the broadcaster. Airtime's Twitch support means people who already know each other can watch and comment on a Twitch live stream with a select group, a bit like gathering friends into one living room to watch a basketball game.