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Seagate's Replica makes backup copy of entire PC

Segate's new Replica drive offers continuous, automated backup of your entire PC. And that's all it's designed to do.

The single-PC version of Replica doesn't come with a dock. Seagate

Seagate's new Replica drives are designed to do one thing and do it simply: back up your entire Windows PC. They literally make a replica of your system, operating system and all.

The Replica comes in two configurations. The entry-level $130 Replica (250GB) is geared to single PC backup, while the $200 version (500GB) comes with a dock and is capable of backing up multiple PCs.

We have the multi-PC model in our labs now and we're putting it through its paces. There isn't much to test because all the Replica does is make a copy of your PC. If your hard drive goes down, you can then reinstall the copy on a new drive. Initial backup takes at least 40 minutes, depending on how much junk you have on your PC. But after that the Replica incrementally backs up your system as you add or change files.

The one drawback to the system is that you can't drag and drop select files to the drive. To reiterate, this thing does one thing--copy your Windows PC (sorry, no Macs, which feature built-in Time Machine backup software)--and that's it.

We'll have our full review up later this week. In the meantime, you can view complete specs here.