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Seagate's 2.5-inch enterprise hard drive hits 1TB

Company introduces first 2.5-inch hard drive for business users that offers a terabyte of storage.

Seagate intros its first enterprise 2.5-inch hard drive that comes with 1TB of storage space.
Seagate intros its first enterprise 2.5-inch hard drive that comes with 1TB of storage space. Seagate

Consumers already have access to 3.5-inch desktop hard drives with up to 3TB of storage and portable external hard drives with 1.5TB, but business users have had to live with hard drives with much less space.

That changed today, as Seagate announced its latest in 2.5-inch enterprise hard drives, the 1TB Constellation.2.

According to the hard-drive maker, the drive is the first in its class to offer 1TB of storage and speeds of up to 6Gbps.

Note that 6Gbps hard drives already have been available from Seagate for consumers, but only in a larger 3.5-inch design. The advantage of the 2.5-inch design is the fact that it can be used in more compact applications as well as applications in which the 3.5-inch drives are used.

The Constellation.2 drive comes in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities with either a SATA or SAS interface. Seagate says the drive's second-generation design provides improved data integrity with the new T10 Protection Information standard (PDF) and an increase in reliability (with up to 1.4 million hours MTBF).

The company also says the new hard drive supports Self Encrypting Drive technology, which keeps important data from unauthorized access in case of loss or theft--and consumes less power than its peers.

The new Constellation.2 drive will be available this month via server vendors such as Dell. Pricing was unclear as of publication.