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Seagate untethers data storage with the new FreeAgent line

Seagate's introduces its FreeAgent line of hard drives at CES 2007.

At CES 2007, Seagate announced a new family of hard drives (or "data movers," as Seagate called them): the FreeAgent family. It includes four members, each available in multiple capacities. The unifying element, aside from external design, is the idea that you can access your content wherever you need it.

The FreeAgent Pro Seagate

The FreeAgent Pro is a combination desktop and online solution designed for creative professionals. It allows you to create synchronization rules for various types of data. For example, you could arrange to have your Outlook address book sync to your iPod (when you dock it) every time you make a change to your contacts or have it automatically push all new photos to your Shutterfly account. Each FreeAgent Pro drive comes with a free, six-month trial of Seagate's Internet Drive, an online storage space. The trial includes 500MB of password-protected space that you can access and add to from anywhere. For connecting to your PC, Seagate offers an intriguing, interchangeable, modular-interface plate that quickly snaps on to the drive's case. You can opt for the combo USB and eSATA interface or the dual FireWire 400 ports. It comes in three capacities: 320GB, 500GB, and 750GB, and pricing ranges from $200 to $420.

The FreeAgent Go Seagate

FreeAgent Desktop is a pared-down version of the FreeAgent Pro, though it lives in the same case. It's a standard external hard drive and offers a USB 2.0 connection for both Windows and Mac PCs. It ranges in capacity from 250GB to 500GB and in price from $150 to $250.

The FreeAgent Go Small Seagate

The FreeAgent environment is also available in portable versions with the FreeAgent Go and the FreeAgent Go Small. Both drives let you take not only your files with you, but also personal settings such as bookmarks, passwords, IM, e-mail, and address books. When you eject the drive, no trace is left on the host computer, so you can easily and securely turn any Windows PC into your own environment. The Go Small version has a swivel-out USB connector that tucks back into the body of the drive for a clean look and easy transport. Both are bus-powered as well, so you won't have to mess with power cords. The FreeAgent Go is available in 80GB, 120GB, and 160GB capacities, ranging from $130 to $190. The FreeAgent Go Small holds 12GB and costs $140.

All of the FreeAgent products are covered by an extra-generous 5-year warranty, making them extra attractive.