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Seagate releases a flood of new hard drives and products

Seagate releases a flood of new hard drives and products

Seagate announced today 10 new products, including Seagate-branded devices, those intended for consumer electronics, and some enterprise-level products.

Branded retail products
Seagate Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server--this is a refresh of the Mirra Personal Server 2.0. It now works with both PCs and Macs and comes in 320GB ($499) and 500GB ($599) capacities. The server allows you to back up all of the computers on your network, as well as share data between computers. You can also share data on the device with users not on your network through the user interface: simply designate which folders or files you want to share, enter the person's e-mail address, and the recipient will receive an e-mail with a link back to the files you delineated. The Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server will be available in late June or early July.

8GB Pocket Drive--this is a capacity upgrade to Seagate's Pocket Drive, a mini hard drive. The round drive fits in the palm of your hand and the pivoting case houses a retractable USB drive, a great design for a portable drive. The 8GB version will be available at the end of June for $149.

The recently announced 300GB and 500GB eSATA Pushbutton Back-up Hard Drives and the 750GB Pushbutton Back-up Hard Drive are now available on retail shelves.

PC products
Momentus hard drive family employs perpendicular technology--three members of this family of 2.5-inch notebook hard drives (Momentus 5400PSD, Momentus 5400.2 FDE, and Momentus 7200.2) are now using perpendicular recording technology, which allows them to pack 160GB of data onto a single drive.

Seagate also announced a number of hard drives geared for the consumer technology arena. Members of the ST18 series, the LD25 series, and the DB35 series will appear in devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS systems, DVRs, game consoles, and palmtop PCs.