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Seagate refreshes Backup Plus lineup, adding top capacities and 200GB OneDrive online storage space

Seagate announces its new Backup Plus portable and desktop external hard drives with top capacities of 4TB and 8TB for $240 and $360, respectively.

The new Backup Plus drive comes in different color options. Seagate

Seagate today announced new versions of its Backup Plus portable and Backup Plus Desktop drives that have top capacities of 4TB and 8TB, respectively.

The portable Backup Plus is best for those who travel frequently since it's compact and doesn't require a separate power adapter. Currently 4TB is the most capacity you can get out of a portable drive. The desktop drive, on the other hand has a larger physical size and is best suited for a workstation. Similarly, 8TB is is large as you can get from an external desktop drive that comprises just one internal hard drive.

Similar to previous generations, both new drives include Seagate's Dashboard backup software that enables users to back up local content as well as content uploaded to social websites, including Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube. Seagate says it will also include a two-year 200GB subscription to Microsoft OneDrive online storage, a deal that normally would cost another $95. You will need to register the drive to activate the OneDrive account, however.

Additionally, the new drives also feature feature the Lyve app and service. Seagate says Lyve helps users collect, organize and enjoy their photos and videos, including the ability to deduplicate content across devices. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS.

The new 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Portable is slated to be available in mid-July with a suggested price of $240. The Seagate Backup Plus Desktop is available now with the 8TB capacity costing $360 . Check back soon for full reviews of both models.

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