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Our Comic-Con favorites, from 'Star Wars' to 'Suicide Squad' (Tomorrow Daily 207)

Khail and Ashley discuss their favorite SDCC 2015 moments, a solar-powered car looking to change the game and NASA's new Mars Trek application.

Comic-Con has come and gone once again; we barely escaped with our lives, but we can't wait to talk about SDCC 2015 with you, so here we are. We're digging all the footage that came from the show, including a "Star Wars" behind-the-scenes video, wicked trailers from Warner Bros. and all their corresponding panels.

We're also showing you a cool solar-powered car that can store more energy than it uses, which could be a very big step forward in solar vehicle tech. Usually, we can't carry too many people because it takes a LOT of energy harnessed from the sun to propel anything with a significant amount of weight, and the Stella Lux can carry up to four average-size adult passengers up to 1,100km.

Lastly, NASA unveiled a fun tool for anyone hoping to get a closer look at Mars: Mars Trek works a lot like Google Earth, but instead of our home planet, you can check out the topography of the red planet in all its glory, and even use a feature that saves part of the landscape as a 3D-printable STL file.

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207: Our Comic-Con favorites, from 'Star Wars' to 'Suicide Squad'

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