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Scurrying back and forth like scared little bunnies

Someone teams up with someone else to try to beat iTunes. Seen it.

Seriously, this just gets more pathetic every day. Now the Macalope reads that Real and -- are you read for this? -- MTV are joining forces against iTunes.

Yes, it's the greatest team-up since Ant Man and Tigra!

But, wait. Didn't Real already try partnering with some other has-been juggernaut?

A year ago, analysts loved the idea that Microsoft appeared to be challenging Apple's powerhouse music store, iTunes, by joining forces with a music-industry icon in MTV.

Ah, analysts! And they're never wrong.

But MTV's Urge music service fell flat.

One reason may have been that shortly after Urge launched, Microsoft directed much of its attention toward the Zune music player and a digital download store that would not only compete with iTunes but also Urge.

Ooh. That's gonna leave a mark.

But while MTV is a decades-old and very recognizable brand among music fans...

Recognizable? Really? The Macalope is old enough to remember when MTV was hot because of, well, Martha Quinn and that Hot For Teacher video. But he's gotta say, MTV, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

...the company has fallen behind when it comes to the Internet.

Oh, the Internet.


It'll never catch on.

Well, it seems like the horned one is saying "Good luck with that" so much that it's becoming a cliché, but he is sincere when he says "Good luck with that."

OK, not really.