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Sculpteo demos 3D printable iPhone cases at CES 2013

3D printer Sculpteo is showing off its printed iPhone cases at CES, which people can get with 3D representations of their photos.

Josh Lowensohn/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- There are bazillion different types of iPhone cases out here, and a company here wants to help people make their very own right from their iPhone.

Sculpteo, who is presenting at CES Unveiled, is in the 3D printing business and has a product that lets people design and create an iPhone case that captures 3D depth from photos they've taken.

On display here are a number of options, from cutouts of people's silhouettes, to the faux stitched Apple logo seen above. The company says it can even tweak the texture to give objects a soft, leather-like feel.

The cases run $24 a pop and can be designed and ordered from the company's app for the iPhone and iPad.

Josh Lowensohn/CNET