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ScreenDeck adds top shelf to your flat-panel TV

ScreenDeck is a TV accessory that adds a shelf to the top of your flat-panel display.

ScreenDeck ($39-$59) comes in three different versions for different size TVs. ScreenDeck

Back in the old days of direct-view and rear-projection TVs, you used to be able to stick a speaker or a component on top of your TV if you didn't have anywhere else to put it (it wasn't necessarily the neatest look, but a lot of people did it).

Thin-screen TVs may have put an end to all that, but with a little help from an accessory like ScreenDeck, you can now add a shelf to the top of your LCD or plasma.

ScreenDeck, which bills itself as "a shelf for your TV things," comes in three different versions for TVs ranging in size from 30 inches to larger than 50 inches with prices starting at $39.99 and going up to $59.99.

While the shelf seems pretty sturdy, the company warns not to put anything heavier than 5 pounds on top of it (that seems a little skimpy considering many decent center-channel speakers weigh more than that). It's also worth noting that ScreenDeck is for freestanding thin-screen TVs and isn't designed for use with wall mounts, since it used the wall-mount holes on the back of your TV for installation.