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Screencastle puts software-free screen recording in your browser

Want to make a screencast without the software? Check out Screencastle, a free app that records your screen and computer audio, then hosts it all for you.

We don't do too many screencasts here on Webware. But when we do, my personal favorite is Telestream's Screenflow. It's a nice app, but it's Mac-only which means I can't use it when I'm on my office PC. In keeping with the mission statement of this blog, worth a look is software-free alternative Screencastle. This Java-based tool will record a select region of your screen and any audio from your computer's microphone. It then hosts it for you, complete with download links so you or your users can download a local copy for offline viewing.

Sure, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a standalone screencasting application such as editing, adding on-screen text, or being able to scale the video to highlight details. But if you want to create a how-to video for a friend or family member this is hands-down one of the easiest solutions out there. Just look at this video I made in less than a minute:

Screencastle is a consumer-friendly demo of Skoffer, an open service for adding software-free screen recording to Web apps or support sites to make it easier for people to create how-to's or document problems. There's even a WordPress plug-in which puts a small recording button in the compose window so you can record something on the screen to drop into your post.

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(via MakeUseOf)