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Scratch-and-sniff jeans keep you smellin' fine

Denim doyen Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous has created a line of Teflon-coated jeans that release a minty fresh aroma when you scratch the fabric.

Naked & Famous

Naked & Famous (and its designer Brandon Svarc) has become renowned for its wacky and wonderful jeans. Notable iterations include jeans so heavy they can stand on their own; hologram jeans, where the jeans are coated in a holographic rainbow foil designed to crack and peel; glow-in-the-dark jeans; and even hypercolor jeans that change hue with heat.

The label is now gearing up to release a line of jeans that produce a refreshing scent when you run a fingernail across the denim. Baked into the fabric is a layer of mint-scented microcapsules that last at least 10 washes, according to Naked and Famous. The jeans also have a coating of Teflon that keeps the pants stain-free.

"We designed 'scratch-and-sniff' jeans because we love fun and unique things. If I can make my customers smile, then I'm doing my job correctly," Svarc told the BBC. "We love innovations and will continue to make unique and crazy fabrics of all kinds."

This isn't the first pass the company has had at scratch-and-sniff: in January 2012, it released an edition that smelled like raspberries.

The mint-scented jeans are, the BBC said, currently being shipped and will retail for $158. You can buy the brand online. Keep your eye on the Naked & Famous Twitter feed for more info.

(Source: Crave Australia)