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Scrabble comes to the Kindle

You can now get Scrabble on your Kindle for $4.99.

Kindle Scrabble costs $4.99. Amazon

The word games continue to proliferate on the Kindle, with Scrabble following Shuffled Row and Every Word onto Amazon's popular e-book reader. The only difference this time is that Scrabble actually costs money ($4.99), making it the first paid game to hit the Kindle Store.

So far the reviews have been good. While only a handful of buyers have rated the game, they've all given it high marks, saying it moves quickly and is easy to play. You get a few game modes to choose from and you can either play solo or "pass N' play" with a friend. The game also tracks your stats.

Interestingly, Scrabble currently sits not only at the top of the games category, but also as the top-selling nonfiction book. Last I checked, it doesn't seem to fit the criteria.