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Score new video games for under $20 apiece

And by "new" I mean "not used." At the risk of sounding like a bad commercial, Walmart has been rolling back prices on games for Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and other consoles.

I won't spend $50 to $60 on a video game. Just can't do it. Even $40 feels like too much. But $20? That definitely satisfies my cheapskate tendencies. So imagine my delight at learning that Walmart currently has nearly 1,500 video games priced at $20 or less.

As you might expect, these aren't the latest and greatest titles, but they're not all bargain-bin rejects, either. For example, you can get the Wii versions of Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for $19.82 apiece.

Games that once sold for $40 to $50 are now available for under $20. Walmart

Xbox 360 owners can snap up Call of Duty 2: Game of the Year Edition for $16.82, Half-Life 2 Orange Box for $19.82, and Medal of Honor: Airborne for $14.74.

On the PlayStation 3 front there's Fracture for $19.82, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for $19.82, and Burnout Paradise for, you guessed it, $19.82.

The store also has less-than-$20 deals for Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Sony PS2, and even the good old PC.

Most of the titles are available online and/or in-store, and in some cases you can get free site-to-store shipping (though you'll still have to pay sales tax).

Sorry if this comes across as a big fat plug for Walmart, a store I know many of you dislike. If you'd rather shop elsewhere, you can find many of the same deals at GameStop--or even get them cheaper by opting for used versions.