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Score a refurbished iPod Touch for $199 shipped

It's the 8GB model, and you may have to drop another 10 bucks on the 2.0 software update, but you'll get to own the world's coolest media player.

Even the Cheapskate thinks it's worth the money. Apple

The online Apple Store is clearing out 8GB iPod Touch refurbs for $199 shipped. That's a pretty sweet price considering that they sell new for $299. And I'm here to tell you: The Touch is the single greatest thing since sliced bread.

Essentially an iPhone without the phone, the iPod Touch does music, videos, photos, e-mail, Web browsing, and tons more, and looks Jessica Alba-sexy while doing it. The new 2.0 software update adds support for games, e-books, Internet radio, the New York Times, and countless other applications. (My current favorites: Aurora Feint, Bejeweled 2, and eReader.)

I'm not sure if said update is included, even though the product description reads "current software release." My guess: Plan on spending 10 bucks for the 2.0 upgrade. It's well worth it. Indeed, I own a 16GB Touch, and it's my single favorite possession, bar none. The only problem with this deal is that 8GB of storage will fill up in a hurry, so you may want to consider splurging on the 16GB model ($299 refurbished, down from $399 new).