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Score a 42-inch Sharp HDTV for $899 shipped

Refurb? Nope. Rebates? Nope. Killer deal? Yup.


Rumor has it that HDTV prices are about to dip, and this may be the first evidence: Dell has the Sharp LC42SB45U 42-inch LCD on sale for $899, shipping included. That's 500 bucks less than the original price, and a couple hundred less than I've found it anywhere else.

In addition to its 1080p resolution, the LC42SB45U (there's a name that just rolls off the tongue, huh?) offers three HDMI inputs, two component inputs, and a QAM-compatible tuner. What's interesting is that this is a brand-new model, not some closeout from two years ago--which is normally the case for bargain TVs.

Consequently, I haven't found any reviews I can share. But Sharp has an excellent reputation in the HDTV market, so this is probably a winner. And now that it's priced in line with various budget and refurbished models, how can you go wrong?