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Score a 1GB Sansa Clip for $14.99 shipped

Looking for a gym- and jogging-friendly MP3 player? The clips-anywhere Sansa Clip can store about 250 songs, and it plays FM radio and records voice notes to boot.

Look, I think the last-gen iPod Shuffle (currently $39.99 for a refurbished 1GB model) is a terrific little MP3 player for runners, gym-goers, and anyone fascinated by doll house-size electronics.

But let's crunch some numbers: the refurbished SanDisk Sansa Clip, which has for $14.99 shipped, smokes the Shuffle at almost every turn.

For starters, it has a screen. Sure, it's a wee screen, but it does let you browse your song library and choose what you want to hear. Not so with the screenless Shuffle.

Next, it comes with an FM tuner and voice recorder--two features the Shuffle lacks. The radio's great for when you want to get your NPR on or tune into the gym's TV frequencies.

Weighing just less than an ounce (unreal) and measuring 2.2 inches tall by 1.3 inches wide by 0.6 inch deep, the Clip is incredibly small. How small? Watch CNET's Jasmine France palm it in the above video. Meanwhile, you can read CNET's largely positive review of the Clip.

15 bucks! That's just crazy cheap, people. If I didn't already have an exercise-friendly MP3 player, you can bet your morning donut (mmmm, donut) I'd snap this up.