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Scoop up dollar deals from eBay and Amazon

Point your browser to Daily Dollar Deals and find all the under-a-buck auctions.

Rick Broida

Stand back! My cheapskate senses are tingling! A new site called Daily Dollar Deals catalogs soon-to-end eBay auctions that have prices below $1. Just pick a category--anything from Antiques to Video Games--and you'll see a list of all under-a-buck auctions, sorted by time remaining. (You can also drill down into sub-categories to get more targeted listings, and there's a search option as well.)

Talk about a great way to scoop up bargains! Admittedly, sometimes the stuff that's selling for a buck isn't worth much more than that, but there are exceptions. For instance, I found four tickets for tonight's Pistons vs. Cavaliers game. Cheap seats, sure, but if I can take my whole family to see LeBron for 99 cents? Oh, yeah, I'm there. (But make no mistake: I'll be rooting for the Pistons.)

Daily Dollar Deals also offers a categorical list of Amazon products based on discount, from 10-90 percent. However, those numbers usually take into account used items as well as new--just something to keep in mind.

For anyone who loves the thrill of scoring dirt-cheap deals, I highly recommend bookmarking Daily Dollar Deals. My only concern is how much time I'll end up wasting there.

[via AppScout]