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Scoble: Facebook walls are going to get more colorful

Blog mogul says updates are on the way tonight that will allow users to post multimedia like photos and video, thanks to added developer integration

Former Microsoft evangelist and current ubiquitous blogger Robert Scoble paid a visit to Facebook's offices yesterday and learned something pretty cool: the social networking site's "wall" feature, which lets you leave messages for your friends, will be getting an update tonight to allow users to post multimedia like photos and video in addition thanks to added developer integration.

Of slightly less importance, Scoble also informed his audience that he ate Spicy Noodles at Jing Jing near the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Facebook's office.

Meanwhile, that's not the only news that might be coming tonight on the Facebook front: right now, I'm in Boston to cover the company's dismissal hearing for the much-talked-about ConnectU lawsuit. A Facebook representative informed me that only lawyers will be present on their behalf, but the ConnectU founders will apparently be there and will be holding a press conference after the hearing. We'll see how it pans out.