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SCO unveils Web site detailing Linux claims

Months late, the SCO Group has unveiled a Web site set up to detail its claims against Linux, which the company argues in court cases violates its own Unix intellectual property.

SCO said in October it planned to set up the Web site--something of a counterbalance to the Groklaw site that frequently takes potshots at SCO's claims. Initially expected to be called ProSCO and upon launch in November, the site ended up with the name SCO IP.

The site is "designed to provide you with factual information around litigation related to the SCO Group," it said. So far, it contains only legal filings from the five major legal cases. SCO sued IBM, Novell, AutoZone and DaimlerChrysler, and Linux seller Red Hat sued SCO.

More information is planned, spokesman Blake Stowell said. "We hope to add a legal calendar in the future so people can track deadlines for discovery and know when upcoming filings and hearings are due to take place," he said. "We also plan on some helpful legal links and a brief Q&A."

Some of the legal documents came from Groklaw and another site that details the legal case, Tuxrocks. Stowell acknowledged that the rival sites supplied some of the documents.