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Tech Industry

SCO embraces more open-source software

The SCO Group may not like the General Public License, but it sure likes the open-source software it covers.

The SCO Group, which has argued that the widely used General Public License (GPL) for open-source software is unconstitutional and violates antitrust laws and export controls, has added more software covered by the license to its newest version of Unix. UnixWare 7.1.4, announced Tuesday, includes the MySQL database, SCO executives said.

SCO already includes Samba, another prominent GPL-covered package, with its Unix products. The attacks on the GPL have been leveled in SCO's lawsuit accusing IBM of violating its Unix contract with SCO by moving proprietary Unix technology to open-source Linux. Although MySQL sells a version of MySQL under a proprietary license, SCO is including the open-source version, spokesman Blake Stowell said Wednesday.