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Science says perfect french fries lie beyond Mars

Food researchers have pinned down the ideal gravitational conditions for frying "potato sticks," and they're not found on this side of the asteroid belt.

Definitely worth a trip to Jupiter. Wikimedia/Takeaway

For some time now, I've taken it on faith that the best french fries in the galaxy could only be the beautifully battered and double-fried potato sticks served at the Taos Diner a few blocks from my home. But according to bizarre new but actually earnest food research, Douglas Adams' Restaurant at the End of the Universe might have a better chance of serving up the best fries in existence, if that eatery actually existed.

Then again, short-order fry cooks on Jupiter are also in short supply so far as we know, and yet that's where two researchers from the chemistry department at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece have found the gravitational conditions best suited to frying the perfect batch of fries.

OK, so it's not like the researchers commissioned Elon Musk to scour the galaxy for the best planets for prime potato preparation. But they did get hold of a big centrifuge from the European Space Agency for the purposes of investigating the effects of gravitational acceleration on "crust thickness evolution and evaporation front propagation during deep fat frying of potato sticks (french fries)."

The results, published in Food Research International, found that frying your fries with three times the amount of gravity on Earth would create optimally crispy potato sticks. And as Discovery pointed out, the surface of gas giant Jupiter would be the closest place to find 3 Gs of gravitational force that's naturally occurring.

While humanity has created plenty of devices to search for life among the heavens, we've clearly left a blind spot in our stargazing capability when it comes to being able to detect solid greasy spoons outside our own atmosphere. Guess I'll just have to keep monitoring Elon Musk's Yelp account to see when we finally do locate the best place to get super-sized at the end of the universe.