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Sci-fi fans, get every Cinefex issue on your iPad

With the coolest covers in the world, this bible of visual effects looks gorgeous on an iPad. And it weighs a lot less.

Cinefex magazine

If you have any appreciation for the effects that have made many movies so thrilling, especially before computer graphics became the standard, you've probably flipped through Cinefex.

Since its launch in 1980, the much-lauded special- and visual-effects journal has explored everything from how AT-AT Walkers were animated for "The Empire Strikes Back" to the dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" and Peter Parker's alter ego in "Spider Man 3."

Now, a Kickstarter campaign is offering 30 years of Cinefex editions for the iPad, including issues that are sold out and hard to get.

The Cinefex Classic Collection will feature eye-popping visuals and behind the scenes articles, searchable text, and interviews with Industrial Light & Magic effects wizards.

"We have taken a lot of trouble to ensure that images can be enlarged to the finest detail on a Retina Display, are optimally adjusted for sharpness and level balance, and are more color accurate and more beautiful than ever before," the campaign page says.

Buying the entire print collection through auctions and online sites would cost some $2,500 or more, it adds. Campaign backers can get it for their iPad starting at $250, but cheaper packages are also available.

For instance, for $20 backers can get eight issues focusing on "Star Wars," or for $35 there are 12 issues on "Star Trek."

Check out the campaign vid below, featuring former ILM model maker and "Myth Busters" co-host Adam Savage, and see more details of the Cinefex Classic Collection here.