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SceneTap: On-site cameras find happening bars

Hate going to bars where the gander ratio is hopelessly skewed? SceneTap uses dedicated cameras to reveal happening bars.


Next time you go out to a bar and discover it's totally dead, or the gender mix isn't to your liking, here's an app that could save you the trouble.

SceneTap is designed to give you a preview of your intended watering hole, or suggest nearby options, by providing real-time info about the number of customers, the average age, and the male-female ratio.

Users don't have to check in as with Foursquare. The app tackles its tabulations by using dedicated camera systems in participating establishments that employ face-recognition and people-counting algorithms.

Developers hope to grow this physical infrastructure, which sets SceneTap apart from other bar apps.

The camera footage isn't recorded and patrons are tracked anonymously to protect their privacy, according to a release by the start-up behind it.

Users can also get news on specials and other deals, and post comments and rank bars, as with Le Bar Guide.

SceneTap is free for iPhone and Android devices, and on the Web. Like other iOS apps, it won't tell you how to avoid DUI checks on the way home.

Slated to launch next month, SceneTap has more than 50 participating nightspots in Chicago. There are plans to expand to New York, Boston, Las Vegas, and other cities across the U.S. in the coming months.