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Scatterbrained? Focus with the Melon EEG headband

Can tracking your brain waves help you during yoga, meditation, or while drinking at bars? Slip on this headband to find out.

Melon: Can this thing improve how you think? Kickstarter

Do you need an app to help you think straight? How about a dorky bit of wearable tech that promises to improve your life?

Melon is an electroencephalography (EEG) headband that supposedly helps you focus your thoughts. If you usually need caffeine for that, it could be worth a look.

The subject of a successful Kickstarter campaign that has more than doubled its $100,000 goal, this wireless headband and app "was built to be worn while engaging in a variety of activities -- from working, to studying, playing sports, dancing, practicing an instrument, programming, painting, or doing yoga."

If you find that yoga alone can help your concentration, EEG yoga might be your ticket to nirvana.

Of course EEG tech has been used to study concentration before, but Melon can give you feedback on not only a variety of activities, ranking your focus in each, but social situations as well.

If you're brave enough to wear one of these in public, you can get the associated app to rate how well you concentrate in settings such as "at a bar." Pickup artists, take note.

It will also learn what helps you focus, such as listening to classical music, or prompt you to try games like folding origami animals.

"At Melon we are really interested in the idea of Understood Self, which we are trying to add to the movement of Quantified Self," write the developers, who have partnered with NeuroSky, known for its EEG cat ears.

With over 2,500 backers and about $240,000 pledged, Melon is headed for production. Early donors were able to pick the headband up for $79, with delivery expected in November. The current $350,000 stretch goal would help develop a Web dashboard of users' historical data.

Handy indeed, if the dorky factor doesn't phase you. Check out the promo vid here.