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Say what? Nevada judge loses post over MySpace 'bias against prosecutors'

A prosecutor vying for a judicial position in a Las Vegas court is sacked from his temporary post after he posts less-than-professional comments on MySpace.

Apparently, what happens on MySpace doesn't always float in Vegas: A substitute judge in the North Las Vegas Justice Court got sacked last week because of some nasty stuff he said on his social-networking profile about prosecutors.

The 34-year-old criminal defense attorney, Jonathan MacArthur, had been appointed as a judge pro tempore in anticipation of a full judicial post that would be available in 2009. Unfortunately, MacArthur wrote on his MySpace profile that his interests included "Breaking my foot off in a prosecutor's a**...and improving my ability to break my foot off in a prosecutor's a**." That line caught the attention of the Clark County District Attorney, who alerted the administrator for the court where MacArthur served. The aspiring judge said he was just being tongue-in-cheek, but the court didn't take it as a laughing matter, and MacArthur was promptly sacked from his pro-tem gig.

"A judge's job is to be unbiased in all matters," commented Natalie Tyrrell, North Las Vegas Justice of the Peace. "On that MySpace page, it appears he definitely has a bias against prosecutors."

MacArthur's other MySpace interests allegedly included "anything relating to the NFL, video games, sex," and he professed to being a Denver Broncos fan. Yikes, talk about biased!

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