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Say what? 'Humans are migratory beasts'

Perhaps we haven't really shed our ancient way of life when we humans followed our food. Or maybe we've got a lot more in common with caribou than we'd like to believe.

Either way, Marc Canter thinks he understands human nature. "Humans are migratory beasts," said Canter, a former consultant.

What Canter's actually referring to is the nature of people's movements on the Web and his support for OpenID, which lets people easily transfer profile data among social-networking sites. "We do not want to re-enter our data every time we join a new site. Users own their data and should be able to move it around freely," he said in a New York Times article, which will be posted on until it "expires" next Monday., a small social-networking site, was scooped up Monday by Cisco Systems. Apparently, networking gear giant Cisco is also a migratory beast, following the money wherever it may lead.