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Save your microwave from splatters

Having something splatter on the inside of your microwave isn't uncommon, but with Microwave Splatter Covers, you eliminate the mess.

The Microwave Splatter Covers Solutions

When you run the microwave, it's common to hear a pop or two--and when you do, you know that you're going to need to wipe out the microwave again. As food heats up, it splatters as a matter of course. The Microwave Splatter Covers can provide a way to limit the mess without taking longer to cook your food. The thin plastic covers can be set directly on top of any container you put in the microwave, offering a reusable alternative to paper towels or plastic wrap. They're dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning up the microwave a moment's work. The Microwave Splatter Covers are smooth on one side and have ribbing on the other side.

The Microwave Splatter Covers come as a set of four. The largest cover is nine inches square, the medium cover measures 7 inches square and the two smaller covers are each 5 inches square. The variety of sizes lets you cover a teacup as easily as a casserole. Storing the splatter covers is also simple: they can all lie flat in a drawer. The Microwave Splatter Covers are nontoxic and will not melt in the microwave even with multiple uses. You can purchase the set of four for $7.95.