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Save room for more cookies

If you ever bake cookies in a big batch, you've probably had the experience of pulling a hot pan out of the oven, but not having anywhere to let it cool. The Baker's Mate Space Saver Rack can help.

With the Baker's Mate Space Saver Rack your dream of baking dozens upon dozens of cookies can come true. Kitchen Krafts

Somewhere around the third batch of cookies, I usually run out of kitchen space entirely. I wind up with crazy stacks of baking sheets and cookies cooling in the oven, covering every available surface. There is an easier way, though: the Baker's Mate Space Saver Rack. Rather than trying to juggle hot cookies, you can just slide your baking sheets into this four-tier stand.

The Space Saver Rack is sturdy enough to hold your heavy baking stones. Or you can use it to stage pans headed into the oven. It even folds up when you're not using it--and it winds up smaller than a baking sheet. I've seen a couple of complaints that the way the rack folds isn't exactly intuitive. Once you've gone over the directions, though, it isn't a problem.

As for price, the Baker's Mate Space Saver Rack will only set you back $24.95. I don't know about you, but I think that all that extra counter space is worth it, if only because with more coolingspace comes more cookies.