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Save energy with energy-efficient laundry drying

The Spin Dryer is an interesting alternative to a conventional dryer.

Spin little dryer, spin, spin, spin. The Laundry Alternative

I'm here in the ever-sunny land of Israel, and one of the sights you constantly see here is laundry blowing in the breeze. Everyone line dries their laundry here, and many families don't even own a dryer. I'm not just talking about my mother-in-law, who thinks of a dryer as a newfangled invention that no one needs. One of my closest friends, a mother of five children, line dries all of her family's clothes--every single piece.

Here in Israel, the weather cooperates. But when I get back home to Houston, the humidity will make line drying a much less convenient option. And it's while I was looking up "line drying in humid climate," I came across the Spin Dryer, an alternative to a conventional clothes dryer.

The Spin Dryer's ultrafast cycle--3,200 revolutions per minute--is about at least 2 to 3 times faster than the spin cycle on most washing machines and it extracts more water than the spin cycle on your machine does. There's no heating element, so your clothes come out slightly damp, but that's after a 2 or 3 minute cycle. Your clothes would take more than half an hour in a regular dryer to get that dry.

When the Spin Dryer finishes, hang your clothes for a little bit, or toss them in a regular dryer for about 5 minutes to get them fully dry. I think even in Houston, I could hang some whites after a spin to let the sun bleach them nicely. No matter where you live, the $130-Spin Dryer can help you save on energy costs and consumption, and ease the wear and tear on your clothes at the same time.