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Save endangered space

Black and Decker's SpaceMaker line lets you reclaim your kitchen counters.

I'm always a fan of how the kitchen looks when the counters are gleaming and clutter-free, but that's not always realistic in a functional kitchen. But what to do with all those countertop appliances when counter space is at a premium? And if I'm leaving my appliances out for ease of use, where exactly am I supposed to cook?

Look at all that space. Black and Decker

Black and Decker has a nice solution with a new line of SpaceMaker appliances that install under the cabinets, leaving the counters clear. The line includes a can opener/knife sharpener, a mini food processor/grinder, a toaster oven, and a coffeemaker. And a special save-a-plug feature lets you plug all four appliances into a single outlet. (You can plug the food processor or can opener into the coffeemaker or toaster oven.)

The appliances come in several finishes, to match any kitchen decor, and install easily. You can view the full line online, and check out some cool tools while you're there: calculate how much counter space you'll save, see how to install the appliances, and get Feng Shui tips. Check out the line in person at Target and other retail stores across the country.