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Save an apple for later

The Apple Saver keeps apples crisp and fresh even after you've cut them.

The Apple Saver Evriholder

Half an apple can be the perfect snack for a kid--but what are you going to do with the other half? It will start turning brown the minute you cut it, making it less appetizing to eat the next day. The Apple Saver, from Evriholder Products, offers a solution: it slips over an apple, keeping the cut side fresh for the next day. The plastic clip holds the apple to a base that protects the uneaten half from color change, as well as dirt and anything else that might cling to your apple. Evriholder also makes similar savers for tomatoes, onions and lemons.

The Apple Saver is just a little larger than an apple and offers a sturdy tool for protecting your fruit. It can easily slide into a lunchbox, as well--while you don't have to refrigerate a cut apple, I do tend to stick mine in the fridge if I'm not planning to eat it right away. The Apple Saver is priced at $3.99, making it a practical option if you routinely have half-eaten apples: rather than throwing them away because no one wants to eat the brown bits, you can just slide them into the apple saver.