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Save 40% on Halloween costumes for pets and kids today

With savings like these, you can get your dog multiple costumes and be the talk of your neighborhood.

dog costume

It doesn't get much cuter than dogs in Halloween costumes, right? Don't let anybody tell you these outfits can only be worn one day of the year. The only thing that should slow you down when considering what to dress your favorite child in is cost. Halloween costumes can often be a little on the expensive side, which is why it's a big deal that Target has dropped the price of a ton of costumes by 40% for today only. Oh, and there are some costumes for kids as well, if you're in to that sort of thing. 

Joking aside, there are a lot of different costumes available here for all human and canine body types, including simple scarves for the latter if you'd rather not use a full body outfit. Target has a line of inclusive costumes for people in wheelchairs with some very cool options, including a ton of pop culture kids' costumes. Every option on sale today at Target is clearly marked for delivery or pick-up, but this discount is only available today.

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