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Save 30 percent on a custom Blurb book

What's a Blurb book? A cookbook, photo book, magazine or the like designed by you. This code nets you free shipping as well.


Use Blurb to create all manner of custom books -- and save 30 percent for a limited time!


I dig this on-demand internet of ours, when you can order a customized anything: t-shirt, coffee mug, flash drive and so on.

And don't forget books! Blurb is a service that will custom-print a photo book, trade book, cookbook, magazine or the like, with you providing the content and dictating the look, layout and so on. Cool stuff.

From now through Oct. 8, new Blurb customers can get 30 percent off any order and free shipping with promo code FREESHIP3RT. There's no minimum or maximum order amount, and that code can actually be used five times between now and the expiration date.

Take photo books, for example. I think they're a great way to commemorate an occasion, whether that's baby's first year, a big family vacation or even just your own version of a wedding album.

Blurb offers these in a variety of sizes and styles, with a 7x7-inch 20-page softcover starting at a reasonable $14.99. Apply that coupon and the deal gets even better.

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