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Save $30 on the Echo Show 8 if you preorder it now

You can get Amazon's new smart display for only $100.

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Amazon is stuffing its voice assistant Alexa into more and more gadgets every year, and the newest is the Echo Show 8 smart display. For a limited time, the tech giant is selling the Show 8 for a $30 discount, leaving it at a tidy $100.

The display will feature an 8-inch HD display and a camera shutter, like the Echo Show 5. Otherwise, the smart display equips Alexa, one of the strongest voice assistants out there, with a screen to help you follow recipes or manually toggle smart home commands.

While we haven't gotten a chance to review the Show 8 yet, as it doesn't come out until Nov. 21, our reviewer Andrew Gebhart had this to say about the comparable Echo Show 5: "The Amazon Echo Show 5 packs a lot of features into a compact smart display that can easily fit on your nightstand. The sunrise alarms make getting out of bed easy. The new smart home control panel gives you a handy way to control your gadgets with a touch. Plus, you still have access to all of Alexa's voice commands and a few handy privacy features like a physical shutter."

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