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Save 20% on a charming photo gift from Still Novel

Celebrate a wedding anniversary or birthday with a clever personal infographic photo.

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You can get 20% off a custom Signature Art Print that turns a photo into an adorable infographic.

Most photo gifts feel a little played out. There hasn't been anything especially exciting about digital photo frames since about 2010, and no one really needs a picture of their dog printed on a coffee mug, either. But Still Novel has found a way to do something unique, refreshing, and just downright charming with your photos. The company's Signature Art Print takes a photo and overlays personal information and statistics for a fun and unusual take on the traditional wedding portrait or baby photo. And if that sounds like a great gift idea, we've got an exclusive discount for you. Between now and Thanksgiving, you can get your own Signature Art Print for 20% off using the code CNET20 at checkout. 

Still Novel says that it "brings your photos to life," and it does that by turning your photo into a sort of infographic. You can make either a wedding photo or a baby photo by filling out a simple form on the Still Novel web site. Depending upon which kind of photo you want to make, you enter stats like the wedding date or birthday, favorite wedding song or birth weight, and a single word to describe the blessed day. 

After you enter all the info -- the whole process takes about five minutes -- the site adds extra elements, like the phase of the moon on the specified day or astrological sign of the baby. All that info gets artfully arranged on the photo, which you can then get printed and framed, or just printed. Sorry, you can't rearrange the elements or otherwise customize the data that gets shown, but it does look pretty cool.

You can order the 16x20-inch Signature Art Print for as little as $60 unframed or from $140 to $180 depending upon the kind of frame you want (minus the 20% discount, of course).

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