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Satellite radio channels hit weekly charts

XM and Sirius expand their deals with Billboard's Radio Monitor, which tracks songs played on the radio.

Rival satellite radio providers XM and Sirius announced Wednesday morning they would expand their pacts with Billboard's Radio Monitor publication, which tracks U.S. radio airplay for songs.

Radio Monitor will consider airplay data from four additional XM channels--MIX, Ethel, Squizz and The City--for weekly charts such as Adult Top 40, Modern Rock, Active Rock and R&B/Hip-Hop, XM said in a release. The company said two of its channels, Top 40 channel and Top 20 on 20, have been working with Billboard since early this year.

In a separate statement, Sirius Satellite Radio said music from five of its channels--Spectrum, Octane, Alt Nation, Hot Jamz and Heart & Soul--will be included beginning Nov. 22 in the weekly spins charts published online. Sirius has been collaborating with Billboard since August this year.