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Satarii Star helps you star in your own videos

Docking accessory for iPhone, iPod Touch, and mini camcorders cradles the device as it follows the video subject via infrared technology.

Satarii Star

A star's been on our radar lately, and it has nothing to do with the recent horoscope brouhaha.

The Satarii Star is a docking accessory for your iPhone 4, iPod Touch, or mini camcorder (6 ounces or less) that allows you to shoot videos without anyone having to man the camera. It's not just a tripod (like the Gorillapod), though.

Once the device is placed in the battery-powered cradle, a "marker" is attached to whoever's being photographed, allowing the base to track and stay focused on the wearer using infrared technology. It has the ability to rotate 180 degrees and follow the subject of the photo for a range of about 26 feet, inside or outside.

The only downside is it's still in prototype mode. The designers are raising money to fund the project on IndieGoGo, a crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter. They hope to launch in 12 months with an estimated price of $150 to $200.

It would definitely be a great thing to have for those FaceTime chats, group video ops, and any super-secret video journal you might be keeping (all the cool kids have one).

Satarri Star