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Sasser continues to strike

German police have nabbed the worm's author, but a new version is making its way around the Internet.

roundup German police have nabbed the worm's author, but a new version is making its way around the Internet.

Author leaves warning in latest Sasser worm

Antivirus companies discovered a fifth version of the Sasser variant this weekend within hours of German police arresting an 18-year-old man who confessed to being the Sasser worm's author.
May 10, 2004

Can Microsoft bounty put end to viruses?

Microsoft claims that its reward program was responsible for the arrest of the suspected author of the Sasser worm, but some experts say money alone will not clear up security problems.
May 10, 2004

Microsoft reward snags suspected Sasser author

The software giant's $5 million fund for rewarding informants for leads on virus attacks snags its first success, with the arrest of a man in Germany who has confessed to the release of the Sasser worm.
May 10, 2004

German police arrest Sasser worm suspect

An 18-year-old man suspected of creating the computer worm, believed to be one of the Internet's costliest outbreaks of sabotage, has been arrested in Germany.
May 10, 2004

Sasser mastermind may have done it for Mom

A German whiz kid who confessed to writing a crippling computer worm that caused chaos around the world may have been trying to help his mother's small "PC Help" business.
May 10, 2004

Previous coverage

Sasser keeps slithering

roundup The various Sasser worms continue to wriggle into computers, hitting home users hard while affecting companies to a lesser degree than previous worms, security experts say.
May 6, 2004

Prevention and cure

CNET reviews Simply removing the Sasser worm infection is not enough. A desktop firewall should protect vulnerable systems until the Microsoft security patch can be downloaded.
May 3, 2004