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'Sashimi' headphones for the DJ on the go

Switches make for easy toggling between calls and music.


Usually it's phone headsets that feature switches that toggle between calls and music, but these headphones cater to the multi-tasking DJ instead.

The new series of oversized 'phones made by Boosted include in-line microphones and answer buttons for easy switching to answer calls, compatible with all MP3-playing handsets and media players while boasting of a "wide dynamic range with rumbling bass and low distortion," according to the company. Far more original, however, are their designs: The "Grande Headphones in Sashimi" look more like toddler toys than audio gear.

Regardless of all that, who could resist a pair of sashimi headphones? The perfect complement for them, by the way, is obvious: an iPod made of Kobe beef.