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Sarah Palin begins to Twitter

The formidable governor of Alaska has decided it is time to become one of the Twitterati. She has already amassed more than 7,000 followers and is using Twitter to address being misquoted.

Oh, it was merely a bit of fun while such media hogs as Ashton Kutcher and CNN were doing it.

But once Oprah became a participant, you knew that Twitter had reached the upper echelons of politics and society.

So please salute Sarah Palin, who has climbed into the Twittering branches and begun to chirp.

Only around 718,000 followers to go before she catches Oprah. CC ASecondHandConjecture/Flickr

Codename AKGovSarahPalin, the governor of Alaska has already used the microblogging service to complain about her staff being misquoted by the iniquitous sleight of word peddled by the Associated Press.

She has already amassed more than 7,000 followers. But far more significant is the joy of examining whose words she has decided to revere with her own technological tiptoeing.

While she bestowed her first follow on the firmly conservative and entertaining Drudge Report, Governor Palin is also following California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, though one can hardly imagine they see even eye-to-thigh on some issues.

While she will naturally hang on every word of conservative charmer Bill O'Reilly, she is also following CNN Breaking News and those somewhat sniffy radicals David Gregory of NBC and ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

One can only imagine the varying degrees of entertaining discourse that will pass across the governor's Twitter page in the days and weeks to come. Thankfully, we are sure to be warned quickly should Russian planes decide to come flying toward us.

She is unquestionably one to be watched in the future. And to be followed, of course.