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Tech Industry

SAP flaunts deals, allies at confab

The German software giant unveils software and services deals with Palm and IBM, among others, and gets a surprise plug from former Oracle President Ray Lane.

German e-business software maker SAP kicked off its annual conference in Orlando, Fla., with a little help from its friends. After unveiling software and services deals with Palm and IBM, among others, the company got a surprise boost from Ray Lane, the former president of SAP rival Oracle. SAP gets boost from ex-Oracle president
As executives emphasize a commitment to making their software more flexible to better link with competing systems, the German software giant gets a surprise plug from Ray Lane.
June 13, 2001 
SAP unveils deals with Palm, IBM
update The German software giant announces a slew of deals at the start of its e-business conference, including software and services pacts with the handheld maker and Big Blue.
June 13, 2001 
SAP America chief boasts unit's progress
About a year after the leader of SAP America had to lay down the groundwork for a turnaround strategy, Chief Executive Wolfgang Kemna is singing an upbeat tune.
June 13, 2001