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Sanyo's spring 2009 Xacti (don't call it a camcorder) lineup

Sanyo announces new lineup of Xacti cameras designed to enhance active lifestyles by providing both high-definition video and photo capability in an easy-to-use compact camera.

Sanyo steered clear of the madness that was CES 2009, and instead opted to announce its spring 2009 lineup of Xacti camcorders on Wednesday. Headed to stores in March are six new models (three horizontal and three vertical, pistol-grip siblings), all of them capable of shooting in HD--two of them in full 1080p.

Oh, and Sanyo's decided it's time to create a new category name by calling these "dual cameras" since they can take still photos at point-and-shoot camera resolutions.

Check out the slide show below to see up-close-and-personal shots from the press conference.