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Sanyo's GPS-TV combo for the car

The "Gorilla" is coming to Japan next month.

As more people insist on having a TV while they drive, the following scenario is inevitable: A motorist is watching a big game or show in the car, pulls up to the driveway at a crucial point and sits inside for fear of missing anything. Sanyo has apparently anticipated that kind of conundrum with a new dashboard GPS device that doubles as a portable TV.


The "Gorilla" series--we have no idea what inspired the name either, other than maybe Godzilla--is touted as the first device of its kind with a terrestrial digital tuner, making it easy to pick up and carry with you because it has none of the usual wires to disconnect. Sanyo, which has been busy experimenting with in-car entertainment systems of all kinds, has also included a touch-sensitive LCD in the Gorilla, though at 8 inches it isn't exactly ideal for watching football.

In addition to its navigation features, according to Gizmag, it's actually "designed to double as a terrestrial digital television inside the home or elsewhere." As long as it's in Japan, that is, where the Gorilla will be introduced next month for about $1,980. As if Tokyo traffic isn't dangerous enough as it is.