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Sanyo introduces the Pro Series line of Direct Connect phones

Sanyo and Sprint announce the Pro Series line of phones.

Sanyo Pro-200 next to Sanyo Pro-700 Sanyo

Sprint announced a few Nextel Direct Connect phones at CTIA this week, and two of them are courtesy of Sanyo (which is currently part of Kyocera). Part of the new Sanyo "Pro Series" line, the Pro-200 and the Pro-700 are almost identical. Both feature a speakerphone, Bluetooth, Web access, e-mail, GPS, EV-DO, and of course, push-to-talk capability . Neither of them have cameras, but then, they're mostly meant for a work environment anyway. The one difference that sets the two models apart is that the Pro-700 is a military certified handset built to withstand dust, shock, and all the vigor of the rough outdoors. Sprint will start putting these phones out later this month, though we're not sure of their pricing just yet.