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Sanyo introduces MM-8400 for Sprint

Sanyo introduces MM-8400 for Sprint

Sprint today announced the Sanyo MM-8400. The latest in the company's 8000 series, the MM-8400 is styled similar to other Sanyos, with a large speaker grille on the front flap that sits above the external display. The phone is available in electric blue, powder white, and midnight black, but in a move toward personalization, users can customize the MM-8400 with changeable "facemasks" that snap directly onto the front flap of the phone. Different from changeable faceplates, the facemasks are not needed to complete the exterior of the phone but are simple add-on accessories. Each MM-8400 will come with one facemask, but more are available for purchase. And for even more personalization, the handset comes with the Sprint Themes interface.

Features are on the high-end side and range from EV-DO capability and support for Sprint Power Vision, full Bluetooth, a speakerphone, a digital music player, a Micro SD card slot, a digital music player, and a 1.3-megapixel camera. The MM-8400 is $279 or $99 with service rebates.