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Santa Rosa laptop leaks keep on coming

Just about every last cat is already out of the bag.

Details on pretty much every high-profile laptop featuring Intel's equally high-profile new Santa Rosa platform (otherwise known as Centrino Pro or Centrino Duo) are now freely available somewhere or other on this virtual playground we call the Internet.

Originally, dozens of new systems were going to be announced the morning of May 9. While those announcements, and their requisite press releases, will still happen, just about every last cat is already out of the bag.

We previously clued you into leaks about systems from HP, Sony, and Lenovo, and over the last few days a new flood of information has been seen online about Santa Rosa systems from Dell, Fujitsu, and Asus, as well as another HP offering, the massive 20-inch Pavilion HDX.

Dell's got the Latitude D830 and D630 on deck for the company's Santa Rosa launch lineup, reportedly available with SSD hard drive options. These should look familiar to anyone who's seen the current D820 and D620 models.

Fujitsu is said to be prepping the LifeBook E8410/8490 and the LifeBook A6030, at least according to these handy documents found on the FCC Web site.

The 20-inch HP HDX

While full specs and availability dates won't be officially revealed until May 9, most of these systems seem like fairly incremental upgrades to existing models. Bucking that trend, the most interesting leak involves a brand-new product from HP.

Weighing in at a purported 12 pounds and sporting a massive 20-inch LCD, the Pavilion HDX is a laptop in name only. This massive system has a Media Center remote that docks right next to the full-size keyboard, an HDMI output, and an optional HD-DVD drive, according to leaked photos and spec sheets found online. Release dates and details are sketchy, but this guy certainly reminds us of the lap-busting Dell M2010, released around this time last year.