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Santa Clara foams home

Social Studies: A freak accident at an airplane hangar is causing tons of fire-retardant foam to spill into the streets, and people are tweeting about it.

This is too good to pass up on a Friday.

Apparently, a giant blob of foam is consuming the streets of Santa Clara, California, about an hour south of us in San Francisco. People are tweeting photos and video from the scene.

Officials say a malfunction in an airplane hangar near San Jose Mineta International Airport caused the foam, known as "aqueous film-forming foam," to accidentally discharge from the hangar's fire-suppression system.

The foam is not supposed to be particularly dangerous, but police warn it could cause skin irritation and may be carcinogenic. Some people aren't listening as you will see below.

Put some music to this one and it's American Beauty all over again:

Then there's this brave (stupid?) guy:

While I'm not totally sure if it's the same guy, here's a close up:

The Santa Clara fire department is appropriately serious about it:

Still, other Twitter users are having fun with it:

Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle pop culture critic, gets the medal for the best tweet about the foampocalypse though: