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Sane MySpace user prevents Webcam suicide

Jesse Coltrane from New Jersey was chatting with a teen from California who suddenly declared he was going to kill himself. Instead of encouraging him, Jesse actually helped.

Not everyone can hope to meet someone like Jesse Coltrane online.

Coltrane, a 22-year-old from New Jersey, befriended a teenager from the Sacramento area on MySpace. About a month later, the teen revealed in a Webcam chat that he was cutting himself and intended to take his own life.

Perhaps some of you might remember the case of Abraham Biggs, the Florida teen who made a similar statement last November and went through with his suicide, while being egged on by many pleasant little worms, staring at their Webcams as if this was entertainment.

CC Simon Whiston

Coltrane proved sanity does exist somewhere out there. Perhaps because he is involved in a youth mentoring program, he had no doubts about what he should do. He contacted the police in Sacramento and gave them the teen's cell phone number.

The police visited the teen's apartment. He had cut his arms, but done nothing too drastic. The police arranged for him to receive the appropriate care.

There. Finally a social networking feel-good story.