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Mobile Accessories

SanDisk's slots of fun: 12GB MicroSDHC

SanDisk hits the world with a 12GB MicroSDHC card and an in-your-face marketing campaign to boot.

It's time to say thanks for the memories again: the day after Panasonic announced its 32GB SDHC card, SanDisk has come to the data storage party with a 12GB microSDHC product.

The announcement should excite those who love to shove a heap of tunes inside their mobile phone, which is reflected in SanDisk's rather in-yer-face advertising campaign. The "Wake Up Your Phone" series of ads invites the hapless consumer to "discover your slot", and profiles a bevvy of individuals who have already achieved the feat ("Kelly has hundreds of songs in hers").

All pretty racy, even for Vegas: there were a lot of titters and gasps at the company's press conference.

Pricing information and availability dates are yet to be released.